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The communication process

PART 1 – THE COMMUNICATION PROCESSExplain if each of the below situations is communication citing which of the 7 speech communication element(s) is present or missing. (10points)Far out in space, some rocks randomly came together to form the word “HELP” but these rocks on planet Pluto have never been seen by any living creature or alien and never will be.I tell Joe to shut the door and he does.I tell Joe to shut the door. He hears me but decides not to respond.I tell Joe to shut the door. He doesn’t hear me but shuts the door anyway because he’s cold. I think he shut the door because I told him.Can you communicate with a dog?PART 2 CULTURAL DIVERSITY (10 Points)Give 2 examples of meanings and gestures that are different in the U.S. from other parts of the world. Perhaps, reflect upon some of your own ethnic cultures, customs or beliefs that are different in America.PART 3 ETHICS & PUBLIC SPEAKING (15 Points)Answer and defend your position.Was it ethically right to kill the Iranian #2 terrorist leader Soleimani by drone missiles at Iraq’s Airport knowing he was directly responsible for the deaths of over 600 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and was Iran’s terrorist mastermind?Is it ethically right to build ‘the Wall’ on the U.S. Southwest border to keep out unwanted immigrants from entering the United States?Is it morally right to execute convicted murders for their heinous crimes?Attached is a document to help with this assigment.

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