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The Concept of Communality

Submit a 1000 words paper on the topic The Concept of Communality. The concept of communality is all about sharing with those who are less privileged as a means of showcasing the humanitarian aspects. In a wider spectrum, the concept of commonality is a means of ensuring world peace by reducing the aspects of conflict (Boff 233-65). In situations where exist a culture of intolerance the concept of commonality. In this case, conflicts arise due to either lack of tolerance or the inequitable in terms of resources. Those deprived basic resources result in conflict as a means of expressing their dissatisfaction According to Boff (197-99) the element of commonality is to allow those privileged to share with others as a principle of hospitality. The concept would work a long way to ensure the world is peaceful by eliminating causes of conflicts. Society needs to work in the best interest of the human race and create a culture of sharing. Question Two The charter of compassion (2008) derives its model based on tolerance. In this compassion is meant to deal with differences that exist within the world. By dealing with religious, political and ideological differences the world would have dealt with the demerits caused by conflicts. The charter outlines how humans coexist within their natural spaces. The bond between humans could be achieved if the charter of compassion is fully realized. The basis of the principle of compassion is laid on spiritual, ethical and religious components. The principle outline the needed for equity, and respect for all human races. According to the charter, the world should gear towards creating a culture of similarities by utilizing the necessary mechanism. The charter differs from the concept of commonality in that it addresses the responsibility of humans in a bid to minimize conflict. In this case, the element of compassion should guide a person while interacting with others.&nbsp.Through this principle, pain and suffering should be eliminated.

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