The Concept of Writing in Zen

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a thesis and an outline on The Concept of Writing in Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Individuals make work important only as a means to these ends. He suggests that a negative attitude towards work is destruction to creativity in its making since both are forms of lying. I agree with Ray Bradbury in virtually all the issues he raised. Bradbury says quantity brings about quality at work. The more one works and gains more experience the more quality his or her work becomes (McKenzie 40). After work, relaxation of the body is vital and I don`t think there is something that results in more relaxation and turns more creativity like writing. In the circumstance where writers don’t think, they end up copying other writers work and compromising the quality of their work.Just as an artist may think of the money he or she will earn after the work instead of focusing on the truth and the internal feeling that his or her work entails and bring out the beauty of the artwork, most commercial writers do slanted stories, focusing on the money they will cash from their banks while ignoring the originality and creativity they could have in their work. Most upcoming writers engage their working time only to give out unoriginal story lacking creativity simply because the commercial market has taken over them and dictate what they write.The body should be left alone to think and act for itself and let the writings flow from inside you not from external forces (McKenzie 44). While new writers are at liberty to imitate and emulate other prominent writers in history, it is only allowed up to some extent and should not eliminate the ability of a man to become truly creative in his work. The writer should select a field where he or she thinks his ideas will develop more comfortably. One needs to remember that selecting a field to write on is different from slanting within that field (McKenzie 46).In conclusion, what you think of the world should characterize what you think. Consider yourself as a prism and measure the light of the world. Give the light back to the world from a totally different perspective. Let your feeling and thinking about the world dictate your writing. Bring out your ideas in your paper and prove there is no duplicate anywhere.

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