The Crown Prosecution Service

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The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is an important part of the English criminal trial process. Critically evaluate the role of the CPS ensuring you include any areas of criticism and calls for reform. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The Attorney General is answerable to the parliament for the services performed by CPS (Khan A. N. 2006). As such, this paper will explore and analyse the CPS. Additionally, CPS criticisms and the necessary areas for reform will be evaluated.The establishment of the 1985 prosecution of offences Act tasked the crown prosecution services with the duty of prosecuting all public criminal offences on behalf of the State. As a result, there was a merger between the offices of DPP and police prosecution departments. This led to establishment of the CPS that commenced its operations in 1986. The CPS was reviewed in 1999 to include geographical reorganization to include 42 areas of jurisdiction. Each area is headed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor. In 2003, the Criminal justice Act was enacted and it thus transferred all the powers to prosecute criminal cases to the CPS.The CPS has a role of giving pre-charge advice to investigators. This advice is given to determine the viability of a criminal prosecution in very complex and unusual legal cases. This advice is normally confidential and concerns serious matters of the pending litigation. For example, the advice may concern matters such as clarification of the intention to commit a crime by the offender. Advice may be given on the sufficiency of evidence available to prosecute the offender. The advice is very material to lawyers who are handling the exemplary cases (Samuels A 2001). It enables lawyers prepare adequately in advance so that their cases are not dismissed based on lack of proper legal backing, such as insufficiency of evidence and lack of criminal intention on the side of the offender. The pre-charge advice is very critical to ensure that the CPS only prosecutes cases that are genuine and properly researched to determine the crime and apply the appropriate punishment for the offender.CPS is responsible for making charging decisions. The CPS is charged with prosecuting major

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