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The Experimental and Survey Methods

Write 2 page essay on the topic The Experimental and Survey Methods.Different types of experiments exist of which lab experiment is the most common in psychology. This follows the fact that lab experiment allows the researchers to have a greater say over the variables. In addition, experiments done in this manner can easily be replicated by other researchers. The major limitation is that the happenings in the lab may not clearly indicate what happens in the real world. For instance, an experiment made to determine the response time of onlookers when one faints would require a person to pretend to faint. This experiment presents a good chance for the researcher to see behavior in the practical setting. However, the whole process makes it hard for the experimenter to control the variables and can bring in confusing variables that might manipulate the outcome. On the other hand, survey method is described as a descriptive research technique that finds its use when the experimenter intends to gather information on a variable that is not visible such as opinions. This method is widely used with regard to information and library science to assess characteristics and attitudes of a range of subjects from the excellence of user –system interface to library user reading practices. It is also important to note that survey involved sampling of a population. Here, information is collected by use of questionnaires, although at times the researcher may be required to directly interview the respondents. The survey may make use of qualitative measures, for example, asks open-ended questions, or quantitative measures, where forced –choice questions are asked. There are two main types of surveys. The first type is the bullet Cross-Sectional Surveys that find their use when gathering data on a population at a single point within the same time. For instance, the use of a questionnaire to gather information on parents feeling about internet filtering as of January 2000.A dissimilar questionnaire may be used to gather information to find out the linkage between two factors, for example, parents religiousness and opinions on internet filtering.

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