The film industry

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the film industry. This essay will look into the categorization of movies and differentiation of these categories. The differentiation will be about the characteristics of the existing subcategories of movies. Just like the name, action movies involve a lot of physical activities by the actors. In most action movies, the protagonist actor encounters highly daunting tasks that usually involve a lot of physical struggle and strain. The protagonist finally beats all the challenges through fights, exchange of firepower, destructive explosions and many other kinds of physical struggle. It should be noted that the protagonist can be one actor or a group of actors who mostly encounter events or situations that threaten their lives. It is through the actions and physical struggle that the theme of the movies is conveyed to the audience. Examples of action movies and movie series include Nikita, James Bond movies and movies involving actors such as Steven Seagal, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Sylvester Stallone. Similar to the action movies category but a different category are war movies. These are movies whose theme is a clear conflict between evil, represented by antagonists, and good, represented by protagonists. Mostly, these movies involve military action which includes heavy firepower and sophisticated military equipment. There has been numerous war movies produced with the setting and environment of World War Two. There are few scenes in war movies that involve military plotting and strategizing. The main themes in such movies may include effects of military combat to a country’s population, military tactics, conquests as well as unhealthy diplomatic relationships. Examples of war movies are Black Hawk Down and Platoon. Science fiction movies are movies that present themes that have not yet been proved possible by science.

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