The giving tree

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

The Giving Tree (Silverstein). The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.The story also alludes to child-parent relationship, where the parents sacrifice their comforts and needs for the happiness of their children.The fiction begins with the encounter of a child with a lonely tree, where the child’s presence brings the message of joy to the tree. Being an entirely lonely creature perhaps for years, the tree considers the boy as his companion and associate, whose company will end his solitude. The boy plays round the tree, climbs over its trunk, swings with its branches, picks from its fruit and converses with it under the state of complete silence. The tree offers the boy with delicious fruit to eat, thick shadow to take rest and sleep, and gorgeous entertainment opportunities of singing and dancing around it. It also offers its leaves to the boy, crown of which he wears to become the ‘king of jungle.’ In return, the tree demands nothing, but his company to get rid of the still and silent life.The changing life and growing years take the boy away from the giving tree, and now he visits the tree time and again only. However, the tree always welcomes him with utmost joy and enthusiasm. He is always affectionate and sheltering, and enquires the boys of his needs and requirements, though it does not receive anything from him in return. The boy visits it after a long gap, and discusses his growing financial needs. in return, the tree offers him its apples to pick and sell to fulfill the needs. The years passed and the boy does not go back. somehow, his next visit takes place with the demand of material for building a house for his family. The tree bestows its branches upon him without having slightest gloom for deprivation of the leaves and branches. On the contrary, it feels excited on being able to comfort the boy. Thus, tree renders unflinching services to his so called companion.The boy pays next visit in the state of sadness, and seeks the support of the tree for building a boat to sail

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