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The global idea of the commons

Argumentative essay on Reflection Paper on The Global Idea of the Commons by Nonini Donald. Needs to be 4 pages. Despite all the differences in terms of cultural and religious beliefs, the early colonists made a wise decision to band together no matter what, against the threat of Indian raids and harsh winters. They had decided to help each other for the common good of everyone on the new colonies.Inherent in the concept of interdependency is the idea that all kinds of resources are to be taken cared of, that good stewardship of these resources should be undertaken for young or succeeding generations to likewise benefit from. This applies to material resources in early human history, such as forest lands and the resources found within it, clean and safe drinking water from rivers and lakes for human use and agricultural applications, the mineral resources that can be extracted from beneath the ground and all types of flora and fauna. The idea is that each resource should be maximized and given enough time, to replenish itself such that it can be used again and again without threat of depletion. example of this is fishing. People are also aware of the need to conserve non-renewable resources like oil so everyone can benefit.The availability of common-pool resources have existed since time immemorial but this has been threatened since the Industrial Revolution came about and the rise of capitalism, in which greed and individualism became paramount. Previously, people had devised ways or means by which to manage these resource through social or institutional arrangements for the long-term benefit of everybody without necessarily depleting these resources and thereby can manage to avoid the so-called “tragedy of the commons” by unfettered competition. This was done mainly through their cultural, social and maybe even religious practices by which most natural resources are only held in trust, as stewards, for the next generations to come. This is proven even in the marginal ecological zones over

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