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The Impact of Imports on Employees Morale

Submit a term paper on The Impact of Imports on Employees Morale in Australian Textile Manufacturers. Your paper should be a minimum of 3250 words in length. When introducing a strategic change in the organization, the manager should come up with a SMART plan. It means that the future plan should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. (Chaudron, 2006) Organizational strategies to be used on change should also be specific and direct. For instance, the company will use ‘SWOT analysis’ to allow the company to define their core competencies, etc.Change in management is a very broad subject. A structured approach to change can either refer to an employee as an individual or as an organization. From the perspective of an individual, a change could refer to a change in behavior and beliefs. Looking at change on the business side could mean a change in the business process, adopting the use of new technology, or implementing a new business goal.There are hundreds or thousands of management tools that can be used in planning and conducting assessments once the organizational change has been implemented. (Chaudron, 2006) The number of available management tools often leads to confusion and leads to the downfall ofWhen doing strategic planning, SWOT analysis can be used in analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the strategic plan. This model is designed to provide a ‘straight-forward’ observation regarding the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of incorporating the new business plan within the organization. SWOT Analysis can be used together with the PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, or Cost-Benefit analysis.According to David Chaudron (2006), Employee Satisfaction Survey or Employee Survey can be used in acknowledging the expectations and opinions of the employees regarding the plan for a change.

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