The Importance Of Packaging In Building

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on The Importance Of Packaging In Building. It needs to be at least 2000 words. Product packaging is strongly linked to consumer perceptions about specific brands (Smith & Hui 2004).Branding is exceptionally vital in all aspects of marketing, and brand name/image becomes a dominant variable in a firm’s prospects for a continuing success. A business’s brand image is a sort of feelings provoked in consumers by a particular brand name (Grunert & Traill 1997). For example, one of the most well-known dog food brands, Pedigree, has a long-running promotion endorsing the adoption of stray dogs in animal shelters. This endows the brand a kind-hearted image and provokes a feeling among consumers that Pedigree has a sincere sympathy for ‘homeless’ animals (Hawkins & Gilson 1992). This costs the organization relatively little, only a morsel of package design, and can remarkably help in encouraging consumers to buy (Hawkins & Gilson 1992).Similarly, the packaging is specifically an integral component of frozen products (Kupiec & Revell 2001). This essay will focus on the influence of product packaging on consumers’ buying behavior, with a special emphasis on deeply frozen food packaging. The essence of creative product packaging will also be discussed, as well as the best way to package deep frozen food products. And the essay will sum up everything by formulating a conclusion regarding the role of product packaging in maintaining brand name or image.Understanding the value of product features affecting food preference at the perspective of sale is mainly essential to the success of the current competitive food industry (Vasquez, Bruce & Studd 2003). Conjoint analysis, for several years, has been employed to measure the significance of different product components for consumer’s buying preferences (Vasquez et al. 2003). The packaging appears to be one of the most significant aspects of buying decisions made from the perspective of sale. In addition, the packaging is a major food product component perceived by consumers (Paine & Paine 1993). It is impossible to avoid the fact that packaging plays a marketing role, although a business does not openly acknowledge the marketing features of packaging.

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