The Influence of Slave Trade

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Influence of Slave Trade on the Economic Growth of the British Empire. To have a clear picture of this, it would be better to go through the pages of history.The European colonization of the United States started in the 15th century. A Spanish navigator, colonizer, explorer, namely Christopher Columbus, was the first person who reached the region of America on his journey to India. His discovery of the New World accelerated the European colonization considerably. Followed by Columbus other explorers like John Cabot of England, Portugal navigator Pedros Alvares Cabrel and Amerigo Vespucci of Portugal also started their exploration and they discovered Newfoundland, Brazil, and America respectively. Many European nations, especially Spain, France, England, and Holland promoted colonization with the intention of enhancing their economy, power, and influence. Spanish and Portuguese were the first colonizers in America. Primarily, Spain conquered the kingdom of Aztec and Inca dynasties and took control on Central America, Western South America, and Mexico regions. At the same time Portugal occupied the major parts of South America. Later England, France and Dutch Republic succeeded in establishing their colonies in America. France mainly concentrated on establishing colonies in North American region after the Spanish and Portuguese successful colonization. They founded colonies such as Port Royal, Quebec, and New France in North America but they lost their grip because of the series of war against Britain. England was the most successful settler of America and established its colonies throughout America under a structure of ‘Independent Proprietary Governors’. The Caribbean region generally considered as more significant and profitable colonies of the England. After the failure of several attempts, England successfully colonized the regions called St.Kitts, Barbados and Nevis respectively. These colonies adapted the sugar plantation method from the Portuguese who practically used in Brazil with the exploitation of slave labor.

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