The influence of social pressure and black clothing

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Write a 2 page essay on 2 essay questions based on two topics.(1)The influence of social pressure and black clothing on crime judgements and (2) Social facilitation and loafing.Each topic is one page.NO COVER PAGE.TWO FULL PAGES OF TEXT ON THE TWO TOPICS.nother factor that the author did not consider is the fact that black is a color that shows no light or rather the people dressed up in such attire do not wish to associate with other people. This seclusion is the major reason why many of the assessors deemed the people in black as negative people in society.Today, the results of the study would not appeal to the real world jury deliberation. The reason for this is the fact that as opposed to the judgmental nature of those in the screening room. The real-world judiciary goes for facts when determining the fate of a person as opposed to this method that uses appearance as the basis for judgment. I would not recommend any alterations to the contemporary judicial or rather legal system. I find the system very noble and fair for it pays attention to the needs of people and offers strict judgments to high-rated offenders and subtle ones to lower classed criminals. Equality is one factor that ought to exist in all legal systems and the fact that this one actually does follow the rubrics is a force to reckon.In life, I have gone through many social loafing situations. One is in a situation where I was living with my friends in an apartment. Normally, when living alone I am always active in that I always ensure that my place is clean and that the people that visit my place ought to adhere to the rules that I set. However, when living with my friends, I find myself portraying a laziness attitude without myself even being aware of it. The portrayal of this is when we decide on having a special cleaning day. Everybody in the house is expected to contribute to the general cleaning of the house. However, I always find myself excusing myself from this duty normally with a lame excuse.A factor that made my situation to be that of loafing is that I saw my housemates all motivated to carry out the cleaning and this made me assume that they would do it for me even if I left. Social facilitating and loafing are two different

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