The Irish Participation in the American Civil War

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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses The Irish Participation in the American Civil War.As the discussion highlights the Fighting 69th is lead by Thomas Francis Meagher during the American Civil war and led the said Union through the main visions. One is to have a clear message towards Britain on an action supporting the Union in Ireland regarding the interventions favoring the opposing group. For that matter, it also confirmed the second objective that is to set the goals of the Irish people to have a unified support for the group. Lastly is to have a unified cooperation from the Catholic minority.This paper outlines that Thomas Francis Meagher and the Fighting 69th had been chosen to represent the significant characters in the American Civil War on the basis of the courage and determination that they possess in helping the people of the US. It can be perceived that even with the conflicts in their homeland, the members of the group went to fight their battles to be able to contribute if not for the achievement of the unified goals of the people in Ireland but in the United States. Meagher although an Irish exile due to political reasons, had been able to contribute in the American Civil War by leading the Union. Included in the contributions of the Union can be related to the lineage and history of service through the period of the American Civil War. From the 1st Regiment of the Irish Brigade, the 182d Infantry New York State Volunteers and the 69th National Guard Infantry, the contributions of the group can be considered notable. These groups were united by Meagher under the Irish Brigade with the historical fight during the Seven Days battles.

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