The leadership experience

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic The leadership experience.When you wield your power over people without establishing the necessary relations then you cannot assert influence necessary to propel one to a higher office. Many leaders, for instance, Paul Wolfowitz of the World Bank fail because of their ambitions and how they wield their power. Women with their relationship oriented approach to leadership put them in a position where they can cultivate the necessary relationships. The relationships allow them to listen and appeal to their emotions and eventually get what they want even a top job. Furthermore, since women are more likely to achieve their goals as well as organizational goals they are hence trusted with influential positions.If a male leader changes his behavior to incorporate elements of relationship-oriented leadership techniques more common to the female leader, he will still be an authentic leader. The elements of relationship-oriented leadership will only strengthen an authentic leader and not water it down. Through the approach, they will be able to understand the needs of the workforce and appeal to them and hence ensure that the company achieves its goal. The leader would also still be authentic since although he would want to involve everyone the final decision will still be with him and can still leave a legacy. Furthermore, through the approach, the leader can easily assert his power since he knows his workforce quite well.It is the manager’s responsibility to help their employees find pleasure, engagement, and meaning in their work to make them happy.

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