The Liberation of Japanese Ladies

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

A thesis and an outline on The Liberation of Japanese Ladies through Pop Culture. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The term abekku was used widely in the pop culture have been widely used to in the Hollywood films and glorified by the Japanese women (The Chicago Defender on 3 September).&nbsp. Japanese women took new forms and depicted that Japanese women have been liberated from sexual oppression whereby they were perceived as sexual objects by their male counterparts. The Japanese women in the Hollywood screens were referred to as sirens or the vamps. These women portrayed in through the Hollywood movies that Japanese women have attained their sexual woman as these were not only desiring and sensual but also sexually active just like their male counterparts. These images further transformed the attitude of Japanese towards Japanese women (The Chicago Defender on 3 September). Furthermore, it is important to point out that episode in the censorship history too impacted on the liberation of the Japanese women from the oppressive society. The producers of the Japanese movies included kissing schemes in the productions, for example, the first ever produced depicting the same was Hitachi no Seishun which was screened in 1946. These movies depicted two young Japanese youths choosing their marriage partners against the will of their parents (The Chicago Defender on 3 September). The art of kissing depicted in the Japanese movies was as a result of the pop culture which was gaining its roots in Japanese society. It’s a means through which the Japanese women went ahead and adapted American fashions and the techniques portrayed in the movies resulted in imitation of the western culture from all aspects. Moreover, the pop culture resulted into techniques of lovemaking being discussed freely without any setback (The Chicago Defender on 3 September). Some writers in the Japanese society argued that indeed the pop culture not only impacted positively on the Japanese society but also negatively by interfering with the morals and manners of Japanese women at the pretense of liberating them.

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