The Manager and Managerial

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Please make it in APA format with referenceThe Manager and Managerial    Accounting: Chapter    1   Managerial Accounting and Cost      Concepts: Chapter 2 Write      50 points on this topic from chapter 1&2 Below Point helpful to elaborate into 50 pointsDescribe the differences between financial accounting from management accounting. 2. Describe how management accountants affect strategic decisions. 3. Describe the set of business functions in the value chain and identify the dimensions of performance that customers are expecting of companies.4. Explain the five-step decision-making process and its role in management accounting. 5. Distinguish between direct costs and indirect costs. 6. Explain variable costs and fixed costs. 7. Explain why product costs are computed in different ways for different purposes. 8. Describe a framework for cost accounting and cost management.

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