The Module 4 project

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

The Module 4 project assignment requires you to create a detailed outline in preparation for writing your final project, due in Module 5, where you will research and document social change – past, present, and future – in two of the five social institutions we have studied. You must use religion as one of your two social institutions, pair it with economy. Using sociological perspectives on social change, you will identify the factors, sources, and consequences of social change and, like the TEDTalk presenters you have listened to throughout this course, you will provide your own perspective on social change and the impact of social change on your life. This assignment requires you to develop an outline that sets the foundation for your final project.InstructionsTo prepare for the final project due in Module 5, you will create a detailed outline to house the research and information you have gathered and to organize the content for your final project.The process of creating an outline supports your research process as you will select the most relevant content to include, determine the amount of information needed, and build a logical organizational structure to connect one key point to the next with integrated sources.A skeleton outline (a few words per heading and subheading) does not meet the objective of this outline. Content should be more in-depth than just a few keywords and should include references to sources consulted. Citations and references must be formatted using APA Style. Submit your completed assignment to the Module 4 Final Project Outline: Perspectives on Social Change in Social Institutions: Past, Present, and Future folder.Your outline should include the following information:Topic statement: Introduce the two social institutions for which you will trace social change in a clear and concise manner.Introduction of the topic: Briefly touch on the importance of these two social institutions in the past, present, and future, and the key points that will be covered in your project.Main body/analysis: At this stage, develop a bulleted list using Roman numerals (main headers) for each key point and capital letters (subheadings) for what will be covered in each point. In addition to outlining the main points you plan to include in your project, make sure you mention some or all of the following: social change, modernization, urbanization, key characteristics of societies, agents of social change, causes, and effects. Include perspectives of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber on religion and social change. In this section, also include related changes seen in atheism and the rise of secularism, as well as the sources and impact of those changes.Please note: Your outline sets up the organization of your research and analysis of content. Make it logical, and provide enough information for the reader to make connections from point to point.Sources: Integrate at least five sources that you will use in your paper.Conclusion: Summarize the key points. Provide your perspective on the topic, including what you think is the most important takeaway.References: References must be formatted using APA Style.

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