The name was later changed to Google

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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Chapter2.The name was later changed to Google. Over the years, the company has experienced immense growth. In March 1999, Google started the sale of advertisements through the use of search keywords. Google faced a lot of competition from other companies like Yahoo. Additionally, others accused it of infringements on their rights, but the disputes were solved in court. In 2001, Google got a patent for its PageRank mechanism. By 2003, Google had grown in such a way that the name Google was added to the English dictionary. By September 2013, Google had been operating 70 offices in more than 40 countries. In October 2014, Google was ranked as the second most valuable brand in the world valued at $107.4 billion. So far, the corporation has been estimated to run more than a million servers and data centers in the world and processes more than a billion requests. In 2013, Google was the most visited site according to various studies and statistics.According to me, Larry Page has been very successful. It is clear that he had formulated a goal in mind and worked towards that goal (,. 2015). He must have been a hard worker even long before he started the company. The reason for saying this is because he studied hard that he got to the level of earning himself a Ph.D. Also, he did formulate a mission statement for his company so that it could act as the driving force. As Page would say, everything comes down to ambition.The triple bottom line is a framework of accounting that involves three parts: environmental, social and financial. The three divisions are sometimes referred to as the three Ps: people, planet, profit. Another name that is commonly used is the “three pillars of sustainability” (,. 2015). The Coca-Cola Company is a well-known company that has a working triple bottom-line.The company has really tried to assist in the protection of our planet from destruction through

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