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The Objective of Good Social Work

Write 5 page essay on the topic The Objective of Good Social Work Practice is to Treat Everyone the Same. As the report declares individuals regardless of their age are treated the same way without regard for the different needs that they may have. Such view of mental health, however neglects the fact that unlike adults, children have a three-fold interest in the outcomes that result from acquiring mental health care, particularly the interests of the current child to ensure welfare and the interests of the adult-to-be in order to live a productive life, in addition to the fact that children’s interests as patients should also be considered. By not recognizing the inherent differences between adults and children, the possibility of hurting a child’s development, especially in an age of immaturity, in favour of providing uniform mental health care becomes apparent. This discussion stresses that not all social workers are also created equal, such that as Tom Wilks argues, “[v]alues play an important role in the construction of social workers’ professional identities”. Thus, the manner social workers engage in with their clients and make assessments and decisions regarding them are guided by value statements that consequently affect their actions. Placed within the context of practice, these values play an integral role in the social worker’s ability to make sense of the situation surrounding a specific case. However, in the context of prescriptive policies that can be too restrictive on the actions social workers, their ability to make sense of a particular case and properly assess a client or patient can be endangered.

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