The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the picture of dorian gray. The essay “The Picture of Dorian Gray” discovers the novel called The Picture of Dorian Gray. Dorian had great wisdom towards both of them and had a will to be young forever. Dorian falls in love with a performer i.e. Sibyl Vane, she was an artist in Shakespeare plays. Both of them planned to get married. After sometimes Sibyl loses her simulating charm, due to which Dorian refuses her. In result she commits suicide. After all this issues, a change occurs in the nature of Dorian and he becomes cruel. Dorian had a life full of corruption including sexual pleasures, both good as well as bad. His portrait was going through the phase of aging, but his facade made him look younger. Basil attempts to change him but Dorian acknowledges what he wants to do and kills him. With the aid of Alan Campbell, they dispose of the body of basil. Later Dorian decided to reorganize his life, when he lost the other women. He was baffled on moral standards. He attempts to slash the painting by killing himself and it returned to its youthful appearance. Dorian seems to be aged, unrecognized and wrinkled. The book has been modified with many novel chapters and is examined to be closest with the 21st century audience. It ought to be reinvented with a charming and beautiful hero, who should be perverse as well as sadistic killer. He should have vitality on his beauty and in end should deal to destruction from his own hands. However, writers can reinvent Dorian grey by making modification not simply.

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