The Planning Idea

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: The Planning Idea.The main feature in planning is continuous communication. The planning process is vast and combines other fields such as economics, environment, and engineering (Fincher and Iverson 5). This paper will explore the issue of urban planning and discuss planning theories.Planning involves both policy and physical planning. When planning, social and cultural influences should also be considered and coordinated. The planning theory contributes to the development of planning practices in three ways. One is the philosophical way that involves plannersÂ’ involvement in the planning practice. The second is the adaption way which includes the factors that affect or limit planning practices like time and complexity of the plan (Hall 4). The third one is the translation way that incorporates skills, ideas and knowledge from different fields into the plan.There are four types of planning theories. Planning theory is based on practical experience and has its focus on a particular society or nation. Theory two proposes planning strategies to planners which they can use while making or assisting in plan decisions. Third is the theory that focuses on the subjects and objects of the plan. The fourth theory incorporates all the three theories of planning and explains the details of planning practice. The planning theory continues to play a vital role of evolving in response to the dynamic societal needs (Friend and Hickling 3). Urban planning theory has faced criticism from academics and practitioners as being confused and impractical. Planning functions have played a crucial role in response to the ever changing society needs and requirements.Many planning theories had neglected the interest of environmental conservation. They had ignored the public interest and produced unsatisfying results. They have neglected the importance of diversity and environment conservation. My personal theory will take into

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