The price of shares

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

The price of shares of Bank of Florida at the end of trading each day for the last year followed the normal distribution. Assume there were 240 trading days in the year. The mean price was $ 42.00 per share and the standard deviation was $ 2.25 per share. a. What percent of the days was the price over $ 45.00? How many days would you estimate? b. What percent of the days was the price between $ 38.00 and $ 40.00? c. What was the stock’s price on the highest 15 percent of days?*****1. You need to show me details (what table did you use? Where in the table did you find your data? or What excel function did you use?)2. Use normal curve do illustrate c.3. You can do it either on paper with a calculator or in Excel. I would encourage you do both.

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