The recruitment, selection and training methods of LVMH

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The recruitment, selection and training methods of LVMH. The essay is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.On the other hand, selection is a process where the managers select the best available person or applicant from the pool to work for the organization.The difference between both the processes has been outlined by Mondy and Noe (1993). According to them, recruitment is a process that aims to attract individuals from time to time that have appropriate qualification. Through recruitment, the firm tends to encourage individuals to apply for job. On the other hand, selection is a process that is used by organizations as a tool to measure the performance of an individual. This helps the organization to select the best available applicant in the talent pool that applied for the job. By measuring the potential and actual performance of employees, this process makes the most crucial contribution to the organization for the present and the future (Beardwell, Holden, and Claydon, 2003).The recruitment and selection function of the organization can be influenced with a mix of internal and external factors. Internal factors are those that can be controlled by the organization whereas, external factors are those that cannot be controlled by the organization. Each of the external and internal factors would be highlighted in the following paragraph.Recruitment policy plays an integral role in the recruitment and selection process as it specifies the objective of recruitment and can directly influence the program. Furthermore, the recruitment policy can be influenced by organizational objectives, policies of competitors and sources of recruitment (Aswathappa, 2005).The size of the firm is also an important internal factor that influences the recruitment and selection process. This factor can extensively influence the recruitment and selection process as when the organization plans to increase its operations. the organization will eventually enhance the recruitment and selection of potential employees to work for the organization so that it can

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