The role of violent rap music

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 26 page essay on the topic The Role of Violent Rap Music in Aggression/Deviant Behavior in Adolescents.This research assesses whether violent rap has an influence on the aggressive and deviant behavior of young children. It examines the development of the whole rap industry. It identifies that the association with certain rappers and/or certain peer groups that relates with a component of the gangsta rap community promotes young people to go into crime. The research also establishes that music has a profound influence on the brains of people. The research goes on to examine empirical research on the linkage between young people and violent crime. The research concludes with the major findings and observations found in the existing literature. Keywords: Adolescents, Gangsta Rap, Violence, Crime, Social Learning, Young, Youth. Introduction and statement of the problem Gangsta rap is a genre of rap music that portrays the violent lifestyle of people, mainly African-Americans in violent and deprived sections of cities in the United States. Gangsta rap involves the use of aggressive and violent words that are ‘recited’ alongside an instrumental. Gangsta rap is also presented over the media through music videos which sends messages to the public.

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