The social dilemma

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Dear students, Our next discussion form has to do with the well-known film by Netflix “The social dilemma” Though fictional, is has been the subject of controversy.  The movie invites the public to shut down or minimize you social media networks presence and to take action to put a harness in such societal detriment.  The whole argument explain here… I invite you to watch the whole movie, navigate the website and come up with  your own viewFor our discussion forum we are going to comment on a short video found in the website entitled “The truth about algorithms” by Cathy O’Neil In light of our views of this topic AI in out tech trend presentations. With the video and the ideas you recall from the tech trend presentations that dealt with the topic write a comment on 1. What is the premise of O’Neil’s  argument? It is valid? to what extent?2.  What can we do to continue using this tool while trying to minimize its deleterious effects?

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