The squatters’ world

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 8 page essay on The squatters’ world. The issue is not about who is right or wrong or whether squatting is good or not, but to understand the situation of squatting as a whole. Throughout this analysis, we will see that squatting is an alternative movement which fights for its own rights and asserts a different lifestyle that is anti-capitalist.

Millions of people squat in the world. It is the oldest way of living. According to the Oxford Dictionary, squatting means “unlawfully occupy an uninhabited building or area of land.”(Oxford Dictionary 2008).

Squatters exist all around the world, from Bombay to New York the action is the same but the purposes differ. In Nairobi shantytown, peoples have no other choice but to do squatting to survive. They sometimes live with several families in the same built “house”.

In a certain way, the squatters are the capitalism’s indirect victims. In western countries, squats represent a warm place to spend the night but also an alternative way of living. It is a strong philosophy which stands up against capitalism. The conditions of living can be poor or good, depending on the country and the geographical situation. Inhabitants can find a free place where many activities occur and where many different people live. 

According to Luca Pattaroni from the Laboratory of Urban Sociology of the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, “research shows that most squatters are people of low income, from a wide range of social background” (Swissinfo 2008). Indeed squatters are not only homeless. They can be young rebels, .artists, or travelers.

In many cases, we find students and citizens who cannot afford the extremely high Geneva rental accommodations. There are also many refugees and immigrants from Africa, Latin America and from Central Europe. Squats are socially centered, where people from uncommon horizon cohabit. Junkie, militant or tramp with any limited age are welcomed to….

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