The strategic management plan

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The strategic management plan of abu dhabi police department The Department embarks upon a much deeper concept of performance, which is more visionary in nature – The Department aims to transform its policemen from conventional watchers and guardians into comprehensive employees. This paper will demonstrate Strategic Quality Management (SQM) theory as it applies to this tt transformation and its key principles, which include leadership and customer focus. Most books that discuss Total Quality Management (TQM) focus on for-profit organizations in which the bottom line is growing the business. These books generally present the concepts of efficiency and competitiveness as underlying principles in TQM, but in practice, TQM is actually Strategic Quality Management, and its focus is on customer value. According to Ross (1999), the goal of TQM is to obtain customer satisfaction. In modern society, every organization that aims to provide quality products or services needs to satisfy customers, so it is essential that everything about quality product management and services is planned prior to implementing any strategy. Strategic planning is one of the most important tools in TQM, according to Doherty et al. (1995), who also believes that strategic planning needs to be properly conducted prior to implementing SQM, the focus of which is customer value. Chapman and Hall (1991) outlined six key concepts of TQM: customers, never-ending improvement, control of business processes, upstream preventive management, ongoing preventive action, and leadership and teamwork. Customers can be classified into two categories – internal and external – where internal customers are the employees or manpower working for the company, and external customers are all other stakeholders, not just those who buy the company’s product or service. Another point to be considered in SQM is, of course, quality. Excellence is a common goal among organizations looking to be on top of their competition.

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