The structure of interviews

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Essay on The structure of interviews. Paper must be at least 2000 words. In the prediction of job’s performance, a structured interview is preferred over unstructured one. Moreover, a structured interview bases the information derived from the interviews on merit. Therefore, a structured interview is less subject to bias, legally defensible, more reliable, and more accurate (Nickas & Bovier, 2008).The realization of the potential of the structured interview requires an attention of the stages during the interview process. The steps cover its development, then implementation and finally, evaluation.A structured form of the interview always involves planning. The process involves questions that are organized, thorough in the analysis of the key requirements and a given merit criteria that is expected to job performance. The same type of questions applies to all candidates, and their responses standardized using a predetermined scheme of rating. Such measures help to give a clear link between the performance of the job and the performance during the interview process. It therefore, minimizes the personal bias during the process (Farago, 2010).As the questions link to the job competencies, the candidate is more likely to bring out their performance on-the-job. Therefore, the process predicts accurately on the performance of the candidate. Moreover, using structured means gives the interview process a legal defensibility. For example, the courts often scrutinize on the consistency, job relatedness and the objectivity of the interview process. Therefore, its procedural rigor makes it a more formal process (Nickas & Bovier, 2008).A structured interview enhances an equal opportunity and objectivity of work. The candidates respond to the same type of questions, giving a fair assessment. Assessing the candidate’s responses to the relevant criteria gives each candidate an opportunity to show their qualifications. In harmony, by interviewing the candidates by an interview board ensures objectivity as it reaches a

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