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The study of human interaction

Create a 6 page paper that discusses communication: the study of human interaction. The foundation of the transmission models dates back from the very beginnings of scientific reflections to Weaver’s and Shannon’s works. In fact, this model forms the basis of all communication theory that has been presented and is usually referred to as the mother of all transmission models and has played a big role in the development of communication science in the twentieth century.The transmission Model can be considered as a mathematical interpretation of how communication between two people occurs. This model was invented by Shannon and Weaver in 1949. The model enables people to understand how communication takes place. It is built on the following premise. There are eight major elements of the communication model namely sender, encoding, channel, receiver, decoding, message, feedback, and noise.The sender is the source of the message and is responsible for encoding the message and success or failure of the message. The sender control how the information is received from the other end. For instance, when the sender gives accurate information, the receiver gets the right thing on the other end. The sender presents multiple truths. Through representing certain truth, the sender set a standard for a new idea. Encoding: This is done through verbal and non-verbal signs. It involves gaining the meaning of the idea or thought being reflected. This information to be encoded is based on the production of the sender and highly depends on how the sender sent the information (Shannon &Claude, 2008).The message refers to the matter the sender is communicating about. The message is considered as the object of communication completely controlled by the sender. The message can be either verbal or non-verbal communication. The channel refers to the means through which the sender uses to communicate to the receiver. It is an outlet to send a message to the receiver and back to the sender. The message sent back is referred to as feedback. It is an avenue or path whereby an individual can express himself or herself. For a channel to complete for communication, it must contain the right time, place, and occasion. The meaning is usually reflected through the channel either connotative or denotative. It is, therefore, important for the user to use the channel eloquently so as to consider the argument as solid and reliable.

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