The study of the soul

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: The Study of the Soul. The personal name is a kind of an opportunity to define yourself, your family, subject or object that are close to this or that group and it makes it possible to define them from the crowd. We can give a name even to the bookcase if that possesses certain features. First of all, the name itself is an integral sign of the person, not only of civilization product but also its founder. Nobody can explain the connection between the name and personal development, but undoubtedly, it exists. Furthermore, it is important to love your name. and the child who was taught to be proud of its name will never allow pronouncing it incorrectly, will not respond on nicknames and react to teasers. As for my own name, I completely agree that its meaning has influenced my life because all the features which characterize this name have a reflection in me and my personal life. Maybe thanks to this name, I grew up naturally strong, pretty confident of myself and persistent. Moreover, I think that people with such names are good at studying and I try to be so. I like studying because it helps to develop my knowledge, become self-confident and it helps to build up my personality. All in all, we get our names when we come to this world and it will be always with us during our lives. Even only its sounding gives more information than something else, and each person has its own reflection in the outer world and it is in the form of a name. One cannot deny that many people are connected to certain objects or places where they have left a part of their soul. Personally, for me, it is my country and my home, where all dear to me people live. We all may have different traditions, a different religion, but we all have a sense of humanity, we interact with each other every day and have friendly relations because this is what living in society means. Nevertheless, there might be certain moments when you want to stay alone and think over your entire life and a&nbsp.good place for it is my house.&nbsp.

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