The Zodiac Killer

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 3 page essay on the topic The Zodiac Killer. Additionally, he single-mindedly killed the college students without any theft intentions. The belongings of the teens were found intact when they were discovered dead by a passing motorist, Burges. The Zodiac was courageous enough to send vulgar insults to the police after he carried out his unscrupulous missions. He employed weird ciphers and made phone calls, yet no police unit could efficaciously track him down. The killer was techno-savvy, and he understood the operation of hi-tech systems of technology. This enabled hi evade the police and any investigative authority. According to Menny, the Zodiac killer is alive to date aged 91 years (Menny23). The young couple was from a concert before the incident happened.The first article ‘Friends Quizzed in Slaying of Teen Pair near Vallejo’ has a related version of the zodiac killer to the second article ‘Police Seeking Teens’ Slayer’. Even so, there are slight differences subject to the different investigators of the incident. Menny asserts that the teens had attended a pre-concert during that day in Vallejo before the incident happened that evening. This claim concurs with the ‘Police Seeking Teens’ Slayer’ article, which also reveals that the two late teens were in a pre-Christmas concert prior to their murder. However, Menny asserts that there is a possibility that the two youngsters were trailed by their assailant from the Vallejo concert.

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