Theme of impotence in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses how is the theme of impotence raised and discussed in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses what relationship does this bear to the wid. In terms of style, Ulysses is unique not because of the way it changes all complementary styles in each episode, but as a result of the narrative refusing to remain obedient to the story line. The themes increasingly shift away from the plot and diverts into independent raillery of the readers over the meaning of the characters. The story also shifts in a way that celebrates and appreciates humor, creativeness and definitions of exploration and thereby resembles other popular wanderers such as the Jews, Bloom and Odysseus and Bloom’s changing characters as an adulterous and faithful wife known as Molly (Derek 111). James structured the book Ulysses in a way that it corresponds with the events that take place in the Odyssey. The relationships created between the two main characters in Ulysses Stephen Dedalus who is a fatherless son and Leopold Bloom who is a sonless father makes parallels with the circumstances of Telemachus and Odysseus. However, this interpretation of this relationship between Stephen and Bloom does not clearly account for imperative themes of impotence and motherhood. Despite the ideas reflecting Stephen as a son in the quest for a father and Bloom is a dad looking for a son. both their desires go beyond those of a son-father relationship. James makes it clear that Bloom is in search of a son would play out as a mother to the son instead of a father. In addition, in Stephen’s case it is complex to define what he is really looking for either a father or a mother or whether he is making efforts to get away from maternal figures and ideas altogether (Bernard 167). Before one dives into the function of impotence in the care giving in the lives of Stephen and Bloom, it is vital to consider establishing motherhood as an effective and powerful theme in the book. In Ulysses, most of the women come out as unfaithful with Molly who is Bloom’s wife having an affair with one Blazes Boylan and Stephen is sure that Shakespeare’s wife known as Anne Hathaway practiced infidelity. In the play that Stephen also discusses called Hamlet, a character in the scenes named Gertrude betrays her male counterpart by sleeping with another man. Despite of all of these pessimistic images, James does not forget to speak about the significant role of motherhood. Bloom came to the realization that homes always seem to break down after the departure of the mother and he also believed that the role of the mother was protecting the son as long as it takes on earth and even after death. Bloom has the idea of keeping a traditional talisman that is a small potato a representation of her mother. Motherhood is an overpowering and an emotional turmoil for Stephen as he still dresses in black to signify his continued mourning of his mother who passed on a year ago. He also reflects on the mother of all creation who is according to the Bible, Eve. He adds that a child’s affection and a mother’s love for her son is the most and only true thing in the world in life (James 567). Bloom’s deficiency in masculinity as exhibited in his infertility adds highly to his femininity and this leads to his role as a mother.

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