Theories and practice of leadership

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 3250 words assignment on theories and practice of leadership. &nbsp.Moreover, leaders are good in sharing responsibility with others in order to enable each team member contributes to the construction of a common goal by means of understanding the relationships. Therefore, leadership becomes the task that involves relation and interaction between the people involved in common business and which realize the company’s objectives and the way how to reach them. In such a relational role, the leader is no more a single executor, but one becomes a co-creator of what the team, department or community wants to create. Besides, the modern leader is not just a person who controls the performance of certain processes, however, one possesses a role of mentor and coach with the ability and skills to involve employees in the development of something, thus provides them advice, opens new developmental opportunities and possibilities for discussing and search of possible consensus. With the task role of the cultivator, leaders work to ensure a good business environment where people would be able to create and diversify ideas and decisions. It means that if a team has such a helper or facilitator of the process, the members would impose upon leader’s decisions and would try to participate in the dialogue providing partnership, giving creativity and discovering innovation (Pless & Maak, 2004).&nbsp.The role of leaders in not exaggerated in the modern business environment due to the multifacing that one should be.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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