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There is no children here

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: There is no children here. LaJoe had eight children who were not staying at home due to poverty. They indulged in different activities to provide for themselves. Lafeyette and Pharaoh lived in a society, which was hard for a child to survive leave alone accessing basic human wants. Children engaged in drug selling and carrying ammunitions, which endangered their moral life and development. Despite all these, the two boys managed to survive with perseverance and resilience. Later in the book, Author informs that Lafeyette faced law for a crime he did not participate. Contrary, Pharaoh’s life was smooth because of his obedience in law abiding. This book purposely depicts the hardships children bred in poor backgrounds face compared to those born in rich families. Life is a race and a few who abide the law vanquish as most end up in jail or lose their lives. Tranquil child development is a necessity for building a child’s future for instance the two boys grew in a society where crime is the order of the day. There are few playing grounds and they rely on federal assistance. It is significant for authorities to build a good environment for growth. Corruption was high in the slums for instance the story shows that Chicago Housing Authority employees embezzle funds intended to improve on the living conditions of projects. Good institutions aid to reduce child exposure to dysfunctional acts in society and help them acquire quality training for example, the story illustrates that Pharaoh excelled in school when he got a chance to study. Alex Kotlowitz took a long time span before producing the book there are no children here. Firstly, the author mirrors that American society has two parts, the bright side, and the dark side. Bright side comprises of families who have white- collar jobs and live in luxurious estates, and can access basic human wants without ease. Their standards of living are high, adequate infrastructure such as roads, drainage systems, and good water. Moreover, security is highly maintained, and their children go to high-class schools. Conversely, dark side of America consists of families, which struggles to acquire three meals a day. Standards of living are uncompromising while security is poor. Rivers family resides in the projects where life is survival for the fittest. Children lose their innocence as early as thirteen years. As a concerned human Alex spent three years with Pharaoh and his family trying to witness what really happens in the suburbs. Compilations in There Are No Children Here involved interviews, reflections, and discussions. The writer acquired information directly from the horse’s mouth therefore, the book is more of a reality than fiction. Alex derived the title of the book from LaJoe River’s comments that the society is so rotten that there are no children because they have seen a lot compared to adults. This topic however fully suits the story concerning the difficulties children encounter in daily life. Every wake of the day is gloom because children engaged in ferrying drug, hiding guns and more so, recruited in gang memberships. This is clearly exemplified by River family which has eight children whom none is successful in life, LaShawn the eldest sister engages in prostitution and drug deals, Terrence went to jail for participating in two robberies.

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