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There were many reasons that the idea

There were many reasons that the idea of ___________ was successful.  Historical factors, _____________ philosophies and economic issues all contributed to the success of _______________.  The term democracy comes from the Greek words “demos” meaning ____________ and “kratos” meaning ______________.  The main idea of democracy is that all people have __________ and are ___________.   There were many historical factors that instigated a desire for a ________________ form of government.  Countries that were ruled by a ____________ had a king and queen.  The king and queen lived a lavish lifestyle while the regular people lived in _____________.  There were typically three estates in societies that had monarchies.  There were the First Estate which was the _________, the Second Estate which was the ___________, and the Third Estate which was the _______________. Peasants were _____ privileged than the monarchy.  They had no _________, and could not participate in making laws.  In addition, peasants worked hard and paid the highest amount in _____________.  This money was unfairly distributed to the ________ and ________ estates so that they could continue living their lavish lifestyles.  In addition to ________________ inequality, ____________ and politics were intertwined which led to political gridlock. Finally, _____________ideas helped spread the idea of democracy.  “The Enlightenment is not a historical period, but a ___________ of ________, ____________ or spiritual development” (Context of Democracy; Document D).  Most Enlightenment philosophers believed that citizens must be active, not passive, in society.  They believed that the success or failure of government is their______________. As stated by John Locke, “ The natural law is__________.  All people possess____________, and this means that all people are equal and _____________, and no one ought to harm another’s life, _______________ or possessions” (Two Treatises of Government, 1689).  In contrast, some Enlightenment thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes, felt that “When men live without a ____________ power to keep them in check, they are in a condition called_________” (Leviathan, 1651).  Hobbes probably believed that men were incapable of being equal with one another based on his experience with the English Civil War.  “During the _______Ages, the English fought an extraordinary number of civil wars, here defined as a_______________ conflict in which _______________ groups within a single society seek to gain political power” (Fukuyama, “The Last English Civil War”, 2018).

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