Theresa Schiavo

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Read about Theresa Schiavo, which was a very heated case in 2005.In February 1990, a sudden loss of oxygen to the brain left Theresa Marie Schiavo in a coma and eventually in a profoundly incapacitated state. Terri’s husband, Michael Schiavo, took care of her, working alongside Terri’s parents. He took her to numerous doctors; he pursued experimental treatments; he sought at least some modest restoration of her self-awareness.But the lonely husband eventually began seeing other women. His frustration with his wife’s lack of improvement seemed to grow. When Terri suffered a urinary tract infection in the summer of 1993, he decided to cease all treatment, believing that her time to die had come, that this was what Terri would have wanted. Terri’s parents, Robert and Mary Schindler, objected. They claimed that their son-in-law was no longer a fit guardian; that he was motivated by the money he would inherit at Terri’s death; that Terri could improve with more love and better care. And so a long legal drama ensued, making its way through the Florida court system1) Analyze the research in order to determine who was ethically correct in your opinion; the husband or the parents. persuasive research on your findings, thoughts, and opinions. Pick a side, and defend it.

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