Time Romans

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Write a 10 page paper using Time Romans, 12 fonts, double-space, in-text citations and references.Select a topic that suits your fancy. (choose 1 of the 4 topics I listed below that will help you write 10 pages) You can write a case study, literature review, or deep-dive analysis of a particular topic.· Housing policy helping homeless vets· Housing policy hurting homeless vets· Federal programs that are working homeless vet· Federal programs that are not working for homeless vets2. The thrust of the paper is analysis, assessment and application of theory/practice related to the course topics. Focus on the “why” rather than the “what.” It is essential that the references be cited.3. Research at least five sources and the cited source journal article(s). Some online sources and books may be relevant. Caution: do not use some on line sources such as Wikipedia as they provide good information, but also include information that may not be accurate because submissions are not reviewed/edited for content. “Compare and contrast” make for a persuasive argument. You are not restricted to a single journal, and may find different journals present instructive differences. Journals frequently dedicate an issue to a single topic with a number of contributing authors; an excellent source for different perspectives.3. Follow the GGU Library guidance. Seek research resource Allegra Porter, GGU Library for assistance and support for your paper. Your instructors are also available to provide guidance and support.Some find the following outline for the paper to be instructive:1. Introduction of the issue with history/evolution of the issue;2. Literature review of sources not included in the course readings (paragraph or so summarizing the source).3. Body:a. Theory/concept Philosophy – analyze the policy using the theories discussed.b. Current policy and whether or not it is achieving its intended results.4. Conclusion(s)/Recommendation(s)Documenting Sources:Just 4 Rules1. For short passages (usually under 40 words) quoted word for word, ‘put the quoted material inside quotation marks (like this is), and provide the author, date, and page number in parentheses right after the quotation’ (Jones, 1999, p. 76).2. For longer quotations,Instead of quotation marks, the quoted material gets its own paragraph, and the entire paragraph is indented (given wider margins than the rest of the paper. Then the author, date, and page number appear in parentheses at the end of the paragraph, and outside the last period. (Jackson, 2003, p. 229)3. If you use material from another source but change the wording (called paraphrasing), give the author and date in parentheses (Jones, 1999).4. At the end of the paper, give full bibliographical information for all your sources on a page called References. There are different styles for documenting sources. GGU recommends the APA style, which is used in the social sciences. An instructor, however, may require another style, so ask. APA references (for a web site, book, and journal article) look like this:ReferencesArcher, Z. (n.d.). Exploring nonverbal communication. Retrieved July 18, 2001, from http://zzyx.ucsc.edu/~archerHighmore, B. (2001). Everyday life and cultural theory. New York: Routledge.Morawski, J. (2000). Social psychology a century ago. American Psychologist, 55, 427-431

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