To what extent is behaviour at work

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Write a 12 page essay on To what extent is behaviour at work a product of people’s individual differences.alities and individual traits of employees imply that workers can be described according to their individual features besides physical attributes such as race, gender and age. The personality of an individual is therefore seen to influence job performance and overall behaviour at the workplace. However, it is important to note that the behaviour of employees is a product of individual personalities only to a certain extent. There are other factors at play in influencing the performance and behaviour of employees at the work place. It is therefore important for managers to have a full understanding of the individual personalities of employees and how they affect their behaviour at work to help in determining what motivates the employees to perform or have certain behaviours.The purpose of this paper is to discuss the personality traits of employees and how they affect organizational behaviour. In addition, on the background of the theoretical discussion of the above a self-assessment of my personality and how it is likely to affect my behaviour at workThe workforce of organizations is generally composed of employees with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, cultures and individual traits. A person’s entails a set of unique individual characteristics such as thoughts, emotions, values, attitudes, behaviour, interests, and abilities. Warr (2006) goes further to assert that personality is not just a product of social and biological pressures of the moment but rather defines it as the characteristics and tendencies of an individual that play a role in determining the commonalities and differences in thought, action, emotion, and behavioural patterns.In understanding the extent to which personality influences employee behaviour, it is important to put in mind that personality does not just affect the individual, but the social setting of the organization in general. Managers need to recognize and treat employees as individuals and not as groups given the differences in

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