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Brianna Little I think that this post is very effective. However, I feel the tone of this blog is a little extreme. What employees do on their lunch breaks is there personal business. I don’t think that there should be camera surveillance because that would make the employees feel like they are in prison.  When it comes to the leadership when the incident first occurred it should have been addressed and nipped in the bud. If the HR department was doing an audit, they would have caught it the first time. The communication needs to become better because even though some of the employees are in the wrong the way the blog was written will not result in a positive outcome. If your trying to get someone’s attention making them feel inferior to the situation isn’t a good idea.If I was addressing the issue, I would have informed the staff that I am aware of the activities that they have been engaging. The word play I would have used wisdom with and not called the staff cheaters. As a leader you can’t get caught up I your feelings because that will cause you to say things you do not mean. This is how I would have addressed the issue. To: All EmployeesFrom: ManagementSubject: New Timesheet ProceduresGood Morning Team, I have noticed lately that a few employees have been misusing the time sheet. If you are scheduled to be at work at 8:00 am please making sure that you arrive at work on or before your scheduled shift. When clocking out for lunch please be mindful of the time you clock out so that you arrive back on time after you hour. Making sure you arrive from lunch break on time help makes sure the remainder of the staff members can take a break in a timely manner to where the business will not be affected. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in future consequences that can potentially lead to termination. This is a place of business and we must make sure that we act in a manner.

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