Topics in psychology

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: Topics in psychology. It is worthwhile highlighting that I found the above fact interesting because twin studies reveal that, for genes to be influential aspects, identical twins ought to be more alike compared to the fraternal twins. In addition, adoption studies reveal that for a shared environment to be influential, sibling brought up in similar families ought to be more similar compared to siblings reared separately. Consequently, the above fact has made me understand why my brother and myself, who are identical twins we are more alike than my cousin and his sister who are fraternal twins. Secondly, the fact has made me understand that since my brother was brought up in an urban environment, he is more advanced in inter personal communication skills than my sister because my sister was brought up in a rural environment. Consequently, from the lecture It has come to my conclusion that, urban environment has a profound impact on the language development due to the presence of a multilingual environment. Additionally, from the intelligence, I learnt from Robins’ ideas, “there is no single gene for intelligence, personality traits, behavior, or even height” (Robin 63). For instance, a certain chromosome accounts for the color of eyes and another chromosome accounts for the color of hair. Consequently, the environment has nothing at all to do in such traits. It is significant, noting that, I found such a fact interesting because one can broadly define Intelligence as a competence in problem solving. Lastly, from the same lecture I have learnt that, genetic variance is a critical variation constituent for every behavioral effect. however, a family’s variation is not a component for all the products of behaviors. The above fact is extremely interesting because, one can postulate that heritability is ubiquitous. hence, it has insignificant consequences for methodical appreciation of the process of development. Similarly, one can also argue that family environments are not significant causes of developmental products. However, one should not that genotype is significantly, a methodical variability source compared to the environment, although it is through substantive reasons. Notably, development is hardly a linear and interactive process. therefore, it cannot be controlled experimentally. Significantly, the above lecture has made me understand that, twin studies present a practical methodological approach. however, they do not illustrate the significant role of genes. In another lecture (memory), I learnt that, a person’s memory helps make him whom he is. Significantly, I got interested in the above fact because from lovingly recalling childhood activities to remembering where an individual left his phone, memory plays a fundamental role in all aspects of a person’s live. It endows in an individual a self-sense and makes up his recurrent life experience. Notably, one can reflect the memory as a filing cabinet for mental activities, storing away fragments of information until a person needs them. Certainty, memory is an outstandingly complex process that involves myriad brain parts. Memories can be sensory and long lasting, although they are also vulnerable to inaccuracies, as well as forgetting. In the topic motivation and emotion, I learnt that emotions are the stimulants towards the daily decisions made by an individual. Such a fact is highly interesting to me because it makes me realize why I perform excellently in languages than in mathematics.

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