Total magnification

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Lab Topic 4: Using the Microscope (10 points possible)

1. Briefly explain how to determine the total magnification when using a compound light microscope. (1 point)

2. Identify two main differences between a compound microscope and a dissecting microscope. (1 points)

3. Define field of view and describe how the field of view changes with magnification. (2 points)

4. Define depth of focus and describe how the depth of focus changes with magnification. (2 points)

5. Briefly explain why stains are often used when preparing and viewing biological samples under the microscope. (1 point)

6. Why do you think that stains would not always be used on all biological samples? (1 point)

7.  Identify two cellular organelles (in plant cells or animal cells) that could be viewed under a compound light microscope. (1 point)

8.  Briefly describe what is meant by resolving power (resolution) as it relates to microscopes. (1 point)

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