Toyota’s strategy for production efficiency

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 3 page essay on the topic Toyota’s strategy for production efficiency.ler’s end worked hand in hand to develop the sienna minivan so that in return Toyota could provide the much needed production values and techniques as far as automobile manufacturing was concerned, to Chrysler. This was seen as a one-off exercise, aimed at bridging the gap between Chrysler and Toyota, since each one of these companies was willing to learn a thing or two from the other’s realms. Chrysler was ready to share the information because it sought the help of Toyota in manufacturing the automobiles when it came to state of the art production techniques (Clifford 1998). Chrysler wanted to touch the benchmark in the industry and for that it was ready to go in an all-out fashion and work with the key automobile manufacturer, so that the benefits were mutual in the end. This was a very important merger for the two automobile manufacturers as the link provided for understanding each other’s strengths in their meticulous areas of expertise. Chrysler was willing to share its minivan know-how as it wanted to acquire the best of manufacturing skills and techniques, which is a very good initiative by the Chrysler make. In the end, the result was a win-win situation for everyone as quality was improved at both sides.2. Many companies seek to cut costs and improve quality by introducing techniques such as just-in-time and quality circles. The results, however, often fall short of those achieved at Toyota. Why do you think this is the case?The results are usually lesser than expected. This is because the estimates are always based on the best practices but the on ground realities are usually different. The just-in-time and related quality mechanisms bank on the provision of quality at all costs, however what these processes forget is the fact that this is not always possible to reach new height and break fresh grounds. The companies thus have a hard time dealing with the improvement in quality and these techniques are not given much room to be exploited in the

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