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Exam 1: Some of the trade items that the Americans were interested in from the Europeans included the superior versions of some basic objects while others were totally new inventions. For instance, Americans were interested in the metallic axe as it made their work easier. The trading products that interested the Europeans from the Native.America were the high-quality furs. Contact with Europeans was very catastrophic for the the Native Americans in many ways. The Europeans brought about diseases that initially never occurred in the Native Americans communities. An example of such was smallpox associated with a Spanish called Herman Cortes and his army when they came to America in 1521. Europeans were also responsible for bringing about other diseases such as influenza and measles to healthy Americans. The said diseases are associated with livestock, which the Europeans used to keep whereas some Americans never practiced livestock keeping (Zinn 98).The Europeans also interfered with the land through introducing land farming which shifted the Americans focus from the traditional methods of fishing and hunting. The end effect of this was a disruption of food supply. The livestock that the Europeans brought about used to roam in the open land. In the long run, the environment was damaged, wildlife became rare and the Americans traditional food supply was interrupted.Contact with Europeans increased warfare with the Native Americans. This was because of increased populations and the competition for the resources. The natives resulted to war since they felt robbed of their land. The warfare came with many deaths as the Europeans wanted to take over and dominate the entire land.To conclude, the contact between the Europeans and the Americans did not have significant benefits to the Native Americans when compared with the negative impact.

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