Training budget

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Training Budget.The training will start by various preparations so that everything to be in order and will involve both the junior and senior employees in an attempt to nature the young lads towards the management positions and is destined to last for a period of three to four weeks with a view of extension in case the achievement will not have been met. The training will be conducted in venues where the company will deem fit and which is convenient for all staffs.The company will be liable for the transportation costs as from the work station to the training venue where any other travel expense the member pays for her/himself. Participants are estimated to be in the region of 100 members where each person is expected to be provided with an allowance per day so as to motivate the staffs. The company’s cost is also expected to increase as the members will have to be provided with breakfast and lunch. Training will be undertaken by hiring qualified personnel in the management sector in the presence of few feds agents and they will be compensated after the end of the training.The training will be conducted by use of various stationaries. The organization have to purchase for each staff the necessary materials to help them take the analysis in a better way. There would be also hiring of an extra person or acquiring a translator in cases of language barrier to ease communications (Valenti, 2003). Presentation by the trainer is to be done with PowerPoint to make it more clear and employing sound audio systems so that the training can be done in a more effective way.There will be a post-training costs and for the successful implementation of the gains derived from the training facility as without doing so, the training would be useless. Hence a special team will be constituted to oversee the entire process hence making the organizations to incur extra costs (Valenti, 2003).Preparation costs are very useful as it provides

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