Training Computer Users

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Training Computer Users.According to Shinder (, there are several ways of ensuring that the adopted training program meets the desired planning qualities. First, the author provides for identification of training goals prior to the actual training. An example of such goals is the reduction of output losses incurred by the customers as they shift from software to another.Improving end user speed, accuracy and security could also be possible objectives of the training.Alternatively, identification and assessing the needs of the end users form part of the greater planning strategy before the training. This is usually achieved by performing a rapid evaluation of capability and technical prowess that users have on average. A representative sample of end users is randomly taken and evaluated to reveal areas that assistance is needed.In addition to the above planning areas, it is important that various training techniques are explored and the best picked for higher efficiency. Several end users categories imply that different training techniques might be necessary, which makes a hybrid training technique the ideal choice. Some of the training techniques to be explored include. end user hands-on instruction, classroom style, seminar style demonstration, computer based training (CBT) as well as book or self paced training.Perhaps the most important preparatory aspect of the training is identification and sourcing of resources needed fro the end user training. Once the planning logistics are completed, the relevant resources for the training are identified and made available in time for the training. Training techniques for instance require different resources and tools in order for the objective to be achieved. Extra numbers of end users must be in anticipated and reservations made to avoid shortage of materials needed to reach all end users.The other

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