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Transcultural nursing

Transcultural nursing teaching/practice. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Now what is culturally congruent care? It is basically the care provided by a compassionate, proficient, and culturally perceptive nurse or any other health care provider. In other words, when the cultural aspects of patients are considered and there is no bias in the treatment, then it is a culturally congruent care. The main aim of this paper is to present the nurses with knowledge and information that can be used and make their service and decisions pertaining to their patients culturally congruent.Due to the rapid expansions of multinational companies, there has been an incessant increase in the quantum of migrating populations. The changes in the characteristics of such populations, the unstable fertility rates, and advancement in science and technology have resulted in an overall cultural revolution. Owing to such developments, there has been a need for change in the nursing practices worldwide. The current requirement pertaining to health care is that the nurses should be taught how to tackle the culturally diverse patients. “Today more than ever, there is a call for the exploration and inclusion of the concept of culture in nursing practice, education, and research” (Mendyka 1).In order to be culturally proficient, nurses require understanding of their own cultural outlook and that of their patients. Being culturally proficient means acquiring cultural knowhow and then relating that to their work ethics. Nurses should perform their duties while considering the cultural differences. Cultural proficiency simplifies the scenario and simultaneously, the quality of caring is enhanced. Nurses, normally, don’t have to move to outlying areas to fulfill their job requirements. As such, they are not confronted with all such problems like difference in cultures, ethnicities, rituals, etc.

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