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Transformational Leadership Self-Assessment

Transformational Leadership Self-AssessmentTransactional leaders are those we look to for keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. They are the ones with excellent organizing and planning skills. They are great at budgeting and focus on rewards in exchange for job performance. Transformational leaders, on the other hand, are those we look toward for helping a group or organization through change. They are the ones with excellent interpersonal skills and the skills required to build and maintain influential relationships characterized by trust and other compelling factors. Their relationships with others are through vision and shared values that provide a basis for the change process.This assignment will help you further explore the concept of transformational leadership and the power and influence relationship between followers and leaders.Select a person (boss, coach, teacher, group leader) who was in a leadership position over you. Answer the following 12 questions as either mostly false or mostly true.In general, the leader:Listened carefully to my concernsShowed conviction in his or her valuesHelped me focus on developing my strengthsWas enthusiastic about our missionProvided coaching advice for my developmentTalked optimistically about the futureEncouraged my self-developmentFostered a clear understanding of important values and beliefsProvided feedback on how I was doingInspired us with his/her plans for the futureTaught me how to develop my abilitiesGained others’ commitment to his or her dreamTo score this assessment, add the “mostly true” answers. There are two scores:Develops followers into leaders(add # of mostly true for 1,3,5,7,9,11)Inspires followers to go beyond their own self-interest(add # of mostly true for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12)Now, take this assessment yourself. Do the same thing, but think of a time when you were responsible for leading someone yourself. You may not have had a formal title in an organization. However, remember that we are all leaders at some point. Consider a time when you were in the role of a teacher, a coach, a leader of an organization, or even the leader of a household. With honest reflection, answer these questions as you think those you led would answer them.Write a 300- to 500-word reflective report that answers the following questions. Be sure to write this assignment in paragraph form.What were the two scores for the leader you chose? What were your two scores? What do the scores mean and how did they compare? What insights did this exercise reveal to you about leadership?What steps can you and the leader you chose take to become a more transformational leader?Follow-up posts should focus on what it means to be a transformational leader (e.g., what do they do? What is their philosophy? What are best practices that can help us become more transformational in our leadership?) Grading Criteria

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