Trayvons martin case

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Whether or not trayvons martin case was justifed correctly.The case may involve issues on race (Jefferson, 9). Eighty seven percent of the African Americans say that there was no justice in the ruling. amongst whites, only 33 percent support the African Americans’ claims. A thin majority of about 51% of the whites endorse that the verdict was innocent in the trial whereas African Americans strongly disapprove the claims. Only a small percentage of the African Americans approve the claims by the whites. On the public views, there is also a follower tinge. Amongst thirty percent of the republicans, disapprove the verdict while seventy percent of them approve the verdict. Instead of focusing on the skin color people should focus on hearts (Anthology 15).In reference to the criminal justice system, a total number of 86 percent among the African Americans claim that blacks among many minorities get unequal treatment in the law. only 41percent by the whites make such claims whereas the other 54% claim that there is equality for the marginal groups. Less than 40% of jailed people are ethnic and racial minorities (Birzer 27). Eighty-one percent of the African Americans claim that the federal government should observe the civil rights defiance and charge Zimmerman in a federal court. Fifty percent of the whites oppose such charges, whereas 27percent of them agree to the charges showing the presence of White supremacy in action (Yancy and Jones 9). Sixty percent of the Hispanics claim that blacks among other marginal groups fail to receive fair treatments like the whites do and a ratio of two to one disapproves the ruling.Martin weighed ten pounds lighter, but six inches taller than the Hispanic who put Trayvon’s life to an end (Anthology 1). It was at night during the shooting and Martin was on his way home when he saw a vehicle behind him, which followed him for some time. Martin ran away to the backyards sidewalks from the street sidewalks (Jefferson 5).

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