Trends in Adventure Lodging For Housekeeping

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Trends in Adventure Lodging For Housekeeping Department in Chateau Hotel. Adventure lodging Trends in adventure lodging The tourism and hospitality sector survives on trends. Hotel facilities, therefore, have to strive to offer the tastes and preferences of consumers. Since it is a consumer-oriented industry, the service providers have to study market trends in order to offer services that fit the market’s prescriptions. Lodging is a principal part of tourism. This is because it enables a person escape one’s familiar environment and find comfort in a different place. Adventure lodging, however, is a dynamic area that is subject to evolving trends. In this sense, the Chateau hotel can benefit from given trends in adventure lodging. To begin with, it is essential to note that Chateau hotel occurs in an exquisite ecological territory. The New Orleans area receives the aesthetics and ecological benefits of the Mississippi river. In addition, the hotel can exploit the historical narrative of Louisiana and New Orleans to its advantage. To begin with, a major trend in adventure lodging concerns with music. New Orleans is credited with its birth of Jazz. Jazz is a soulful and sensuous music that still attracts individuals with keen sensibilities. In this sense, Jazz can be incorporated as part of the ambience of rooms. In addition, the hotel can organize certain concerts that visitors attend in the evening. In this sense, the hotel enhances the appeal of raw occupation of rooms. Adventure lodging also entails adventurous wall decoration and interior design. Visitors are continually looking for exotic settings that are detached from the ordinary fast-paced life. In this sense, they crave to be virtually transported to earlier peaceful eras while still retaining the conveniences of modern age (Timothy & Teye, 2009). For instance, the use of antique-looking phones will add onto the old age appeal of the hotel. Louisiana’s history entails notable events such as its purchase, French colonization, and the growth of Jazz. It is, therefore, essential to decorate walls of rooms with artefacts that reflect key events and choreograph key people who contributed towards the history. In addition, the idea of unconventional room design may entail concepts such as exquisitely wooden beds and large windows. In addition, indoor costal adventure is huge attraction to visitors. This means that investment in pools should surpass the traditional convenience of swimming. Indoor pools should resemble real beaches such that customers attain the natural experience as much as possible. For instance, the hotel should incorporate trees and exceptionally built benches that provide the carefree comfort of a coastal place. Since the pool is a huge romantic attraction, investment in lights and service will help the hotel attract a key trend.Besides, the hotel should invest in the concept of self-food service. This suggests that customers need more adventure in their food preparation that involves self-cooking. In this sense, the hotel needs to create facilities that enable customers make their own foods. Traditional ideas such as barbecues need enhancement such that normal travelers and families enjoy the spontaneity of preparing their own food. In essence, Chateau hotel can greatly benefit from trends in adventure lodging. The hotel, especially, should exploit the history and ecology of New Orleans to its advantage. The incorporation of Jazz music in rooms will provide a major attraction since New Orleans is credited as the birthplace of Jazz. In addition, the hotel should increasingly invest in antique interior design decoration that details New Orleans history and utilizes elements of the place’s raw culture. Besides, the idea of indoor costal adventure will require that the pool resembles the feel of a real beach. Furthermore, the hotel should invest in equipment that facilitate the adventure of self-food preparation. ReferenceTimothy, D.J, & Teye, V.B. (2009). Tourism and the lodging sector. New York, NY: Routledge.

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