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Trends in wage ingquality

What is the command for thoes questions on stata? please show the do fileAttachment 1Attachment 2Please use SINTA for this assignment . Remember to hand in your log file .1 . In this question you will Analyze the trends in wage ingquality in the United Statesin the last several decades .’The data file " costs_ US. Ita" is ready for you in STATAformat on the course web page in the same folder as this assignment . The data contains*hourly wages for a sample of men in the United States , for the years 1975- 2005 . Pleasefollow the steps below .*( a ) Open the dataset . If Your SIAT’A out puts a red error message saying you do not .have enough memory or the data file is too big , increase your memory size howlising the command " set memory ZOO90x` Then open the file .( 1 ) For each of the years 1975- 2005 calculate the lath and the Oath percentile ofhourly wage distribution ( hint : sort your data by variable year using " sort year*command . Then use the command " summarize , detail" for each year . To make*STATA do this for each year automatically use the command* by year : command "!You will need to look up the help files to find out more about the command $ by "and how to use it. . For this , pull down the !`Ic Help mean , choose Command and type*by in the window . !( c ) Put Your results in Excel file , such that you have & columns : year , jello, and wetoo ,where petto and acted stand for the LOth and the goth percentiles , respectively .Each entry in this table is based on your calculations in STATA .( I ) Transfer your new data into STATA ( note that you will have to clear the existingdata in memory ) . ( Hint : directions on how to transfer data from Excel to STA’TAare posted under the "" Helpful Into " on My Lini]*( c ) Make a plat. that will show the evolution of the log of the difference between theboth and the luth percentile of hourly wave distribution over the period 1975-20:05 .IF ) What do you conclude about hourly wage incquality in the U.S . !

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